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A/C Service & Repair
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A/C Service & Repair

When Your Chevy Needs Its Air Conditioning Serviced or Repaired, Come to Bravo Chevrolet in Las Cruces, NM

There are some places where air conditioning is a luxury. Las Cruces is not one of those places. With average highs in the 80s or 90s for almost half the year, functioning air conditioning is a vital part of your Chevy. This means that you should make sure it’s in good shape — and bring your Chevy in for service if your A/C has any trouble. Find out more about A/C service on this page, and then come see why drivers from Mesilla and Doña Ana visit Bravo Chevrolet for Chevy service.


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Common Automotive A/C Problems

  1. Refrigerant Leak
    • Without refrigerant, your vehicle’s A/C wouldn’t be able to create cool air. The refrigerant changes between gas and liquid phases, picking up heat in its gaseous form and shedding that heat when it turns into a liquid. As airflow whisks the shed heat away, a pocket of cold air is created, and this is what is blown into your vehicle’s cabin. You can see how a low level of refrigerant would compromise your car’s A/C system, then! The technicians at Bravo Chevrolet can check your refrigerant level, including testing your A/C system for leaks. If the refrigerant level is low, they can recharge your A/C with new refrigerant.
  2. A/C Compressor Problems
    • The compressor is the part of your vehicle’s A/C system that takes liquid refrigerant and turns it into gas. As it does this, it also forces the refrigerant through the air conditioning hoses. A worn or damaged compressor will need to be replaced, and we can help at Bravo Chevrolet.
  3. A/C Condenser Problems
    • In contrast with the compressor, the A/C condenser turns the gaseous refrigerant into a liquid. It can also become worn or damaged, requiring replacement. However, it may also become clogged, which is an easier problem to fix.
  4. Blower Motor Problems
    • The blower motors are the fans that take the cool air in the A/C system and blow it into the cabin. Whether the problem is physical or electrical, we can investigate blower motors that are not working.
  5. Cabin Air Filter Needs Replacement
    • The cabin air filter keeps contaminants from entering your vehicle’s cabin, but it will become clogged over time. We can replace the old cabin air filter with a new one at Bravo Chevrolet.

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